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Apocalypse of the Word: The Life and Message of George Fox (1624-1691), Second Edition
By Douglas Gwyn
Autobiography of Allen Jay
Edited by Joshua Brown
Introduction by Thomas Hamm
Our Price: $25.00
Our Price: $25.00
Apocalypse of the Word is a highly informative and smoothly readable exposition of George Fox’s message, life and historical context. Doug Gwyn shows that the radical message that came from the Light within through George Fox has the promise to be spiritually transforming to those who see and listen to him, even now.” — Stephen Angell 2011 bestseller
Brief Memoir of Elizabeth Fry (1781-1845), A
Edited by David Goff
Fresh Winds of the Spirit, Second Edition
Alan Kolp
Our Price: $15.00
Our Price: $18.00
Elizabeth Fry was the leader of the prison reform movement. The best introduction to the spirituality of George Fox (1624-1691)
Growing Up Plain: The Journey of a Public Friend
Wilmer A. Cooper
Inner Tenderings
Louise Wilson
Our Price: $18.00
Our Price: $12.00
Wil Cooper—Quaker theologian, teacher, author and founding dean of the Earlham School of Religion Louise Wilson, a seminar speaker, retreat leader, and teacher, retells her life-long journey.
John Woolman, 1720-1772: Quintessential Quaker
David Sox
John Woolman: A Nonviolence and Social Change Source Book
Our Price: $27.00
Our Price: $12.00
Placed in the historical context of eighteenth-century America, Woolman’s extraordinary life shines forth New for 2013
Journal and Major Essays of John Woolman, The
Edited by Phillips P. Moulton
Journal of George Fox, The
Edited by Rufus M. Jones
Foreword by Henry J. Cadbury, Glossary by Howard Alexander
Our Price: $25.00
Our Price: $30.00
2011 bestseller George Fox’s record of his life and ministry is a Christian classic.
Life of Search, A
D. Elton Trueblood
Migrant With Hope, A
Elizabeth Newby
Our Price: $12.00
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In his introduction, James R. Newby describes D. Elton Trueblood as “a Christian encourager” A literary self-portrait of a Mexican-American migrant child and her family and the struggles they faced. Available in Spanish or English.
Near Sympathy: The Timeless Quaker Wisdom of John Woolman, A
Michael L. Birkel
New Church in the City
By Marlene Pedigo
Foreword by Tony Campolo
Our Price: $15.00
Our Price: $6.00
Today’s world cries out for lives of integrity, for Christian models that integrate “the inward life of devotion and the outward life of the activist” The work of the Chicago Fellowship of Friends who made the poor of the city the focus of mission.
No Cross, No Crown
William Penn
Edited by Ron Selleck
Notes From Ramallah, 1939
Nancy Parker McDowell
Foreword by Tony Bing
Our Price: $16.00
Our Price: $18.00
William Penn addresses topics relevant today such as daily bearing the cross, worship and our inner character. Don’t be surprised if you have to remind yourself that Nancy Parker McDowell’s adventures are fact
Power of the Lord Is Over All: The Pastoral Letters of George Fox, The
Edited by T. Canby Jones
Practiced in the Presence
D. Neil Snarr and Daniel L. Smith-Christopher
Our Price: $30.00
List Price: $19.00
Our Price: $6.00
Sale Price: $6.00
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The letters of George Fox is a must for every library and meeting or church. A collection of essays in honor of T. Canby Jones.
Reminiscences of Levi Coffin
Edited by Ben Richmond
Sincere and Constant Love: An Introduction to the Works of Margaret Fell, A
Margaret Fell
Edited by Terry S. Wallace
Our Price: $25.00
Our Price: $15.00
A classic book written by Levi Coffin of his life and times. One of the foremost writers of the early Friends movement


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